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Belmont road Antrim development proposal

May 6th, 2015


A proposed property development of 400 houses between the Belmont Road and the Six Mile Water in Antrim faces opposition.

The former government land was bought in 2013 by the Antrim Construction company and outline planning permission has been submitted for the scheme. The developer has been building homes in the Antrim area for almost 50 years. The developer says that they will make sympathetic use of the land and will also make improvements to the Six Mile Water walk. However, objections have been raised and a petition against the development has been launched. Ulster Unionist Westminster Candidate Danny Kinahan described the site as an area of “extraordinary natural beauty” and commented “I would much rather see the area opened up for public benefit by the creation of a Six Mile Water Regional Park”

Neighbourhood notifications were sent on 30th April giving 14 days to respond. Further information on the petition can be found here

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